Tamara Panosian


Melkonian Educational Institute, Cyprus
Bachelor of Arts in Math – Worcester State College

Source of Inspiration

Studying at boarding school, I always enjoyed tutoring and helping the students who struggled with their studies – especially in math. I like to help people and, for me, the definition of teaching is helping people.

What I have learned from my Students

I have learned that every person is unique in his/her own way and each have differing strengths. I learned that being a mom at home was not enough and that I had to carry the same motherly love into school for my students. I learned to be patient with them and to always be there when they need me.

My proudest moment as an ASA Teacher

My proudest moments are seeing the final, improved marks of the struggling students who were determined to succeed in their Armenian studies.

My favorite book

I have many in both Armenian and English; to mention a few, ‘Zartonk’ and “From Dardanelles to Palestine” by Sarkis Torossian

Quote to live by

“Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

When I was a student I wanted to be…

…many things, but all those possibilities had me sitting behind a desk listening to people and helping them.