Susan Dallas


B.A. Villanova University
M.Ed, West Chester University
Program Specialist ESL PK-12
Instructional II K-6 Teaching Certificate

Source of Inspiration

As a child we moved frequently. This provided me with a wide variety of experiences at many different schools, with many different teachers. In high school, I took a “class” which was working with preschool age children at an onsite child development center. When in college, as an undergraduate, I began taking education classes and loved them! While still in school, I began working in a Montessori nursery school and thought it was great. So, it was a bit of a process!

What I have learned from my Students

I have learned so much from my students. Above all else, respect and kindness are of the utmost importance in all situations. A sense of humor helps too!

My proudest moment as an ASA Teacher

My proudest moment at ASA….there have been so many students who have made me proud. This happens each week with a child who believes in themselves, or helps another student!

My favorite book

“The Little Engine That Could” by Watter Piper. It is important to always try even when it is difficult, and to believe in yourself.

Quote to live by

“Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.”
–Theodore Roosevelt

When I was a student I wanted to be…

…Oh so many things!