Students receive a minimum of 45 minutes of computer instruction per week. This instruction is given in the school’s up-to-date Computer Lab. Other computer usage is available in each homeroom. This usage is determined by the individual homeroom teacher and usually takes place on a daily basis. The pattern of computer usage is consistent and enriching. Communication between the computer lab instructor and each homeroom teacher is accomplished either by direct meetings or via the school’s email, in order to determine exactly what subject areas need to be directly integrated into the lab. An Integrated Technology Resource Form is given to homeroom teachers during the first week of school that allows teachers to plan technology integration for the school year. As a result, technology integration is strongly represented within our learning community.

Students are given the opportunity to see how technology is used in today’s society as a productive tool through lessons learned in class. Students are shown and informed how computers are used in all different subject areas such as: social studies, mathematics, science, language arts, art, music, and language via the school’s enhanced Integrated Technology Resource Program. This program allows children to complete specific computer lessons that are geared towards using technology in a positive and useful way to enhance all the different areas of our day to day lives.

Students have the opportunity to develop research and information literacy skills in many enriching ways. Students are instructed to conduct a productive Internet search. Students are able to retrieve information more quickly and successfully via the Internet by finding links to information that are specifically related to their topic. Students become confident when research and information literacy skills are required to complete a project at home or school.

Our technology teacher is responsible for the coordination of all efforts to keep the school’s technology program up-to-date. The technology teacher develops and implements the school’s technology curriculum, updates and installs software, and ensures that the school’s Acceptable Use Policy is followed by all students.