Our curriculum is biblically based, so the study and reading of the Holy Bible is inherent at each level. Lessons learned from the stories, parables, and Gospels in the Bible are developed to meet the needs and strengths of each developmental level. Through the study and reading of the Bible, students discover new truths and their response to the Gospel. The focus on all religion classes is on love of God and neighbor. Through activities and discussions students deepen their faith in God, are invited to express their feelings, and discover new ways to live their Christian identity.

Students come to the knowledge that everything which gives meaning to life, all that they study, everything in which they become involved or which they undertake is inundated with religious influences and exist because of God. The program begins with an introduction to the Mysteries of Faith and an understanding that they belong to the Christian family and develops through the grade levels to have an appreciation of God’s loving presence in their lives.

Montessori: Sign of the cross and simple prayers are taught and major religious holidays are explained. Children are made aware of God’s gifts and presence in their lives.

Primary Level: Through modeling and activities, the children grow in understanding and appreciation of God’s love for them.

Intermediate Level: Through reading, discussion, journaling, and activities, the children learn that God’s kingdom of love is now and for all eternity.

Junior Level: Through discussions, activities, journaling, and projects, religion is viewed as the relationship between God and man. Students analyze the records of God’s dealings with mankind and of man’s response in faith to God.