Physical Education/ Health

Physical Education/Health

Our Physical Education program gives every child the opportunity to learn about and take part in a variety of rhythmic, natural play, team, individual, lifetime and/or recreational, and fitness activities. The skills and experience gained in physical education classes are readily transferable to and promote an enthusiasm for leisure time activities, healthy stress management skills, and many other extracurricular activities.

The general goal of education and physical education is the same….. the greatest possible development of each individual as a whole person; physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, and emotionally.

The Physical Education program includes:

Montessori and Lower Primary: Basic skills and Body Management. (running, catching, skipping, throwing, tag, rhythms, simple games)

Middle Primary: Simple exercises, posture, body awareness, and object handling are now added and expanded upon (cooperative learning, direction, running, stopping, ball skills, hopscotch).

Upper Primary: Time is taken away from movement exploration while sports skills and lead up games are introduced. More focus is on hand-eye and foot-eye coordination (dodging, pass and shoot, tumbling, jump rope, sport skills and lead up games, ball skills, change direction).

Intermediate and Junior Level: Children thrive at the opportunity to change or modify an already learned lead up game. Children participate in sports outside of school and are encouraged to share learned skills and drills with the class. When working on sports skills, the emphasis is always on sportmanship (organized sports, physical fitness, stunts, balls and implements, rhythms).

Health Curriculum:

Along with our physical education program our students from fourth to eighth grade are introduced to information and activities in areas of health such as first aid, safety, exercise and fitness, relationships, nutrition, diseases, and disorders. Field trips, guest speakers, class experiments, and projects are done to reinforce topics.

Lower Intermediate:

  • development of a caring classroom environment
  • self-esteem
  • friends and family
  • conflict resolution
  • nutrition

Middle Intermediate:

  • caring classroom environment
  • body systems
  • caring for the body
  • body image
  • making good decisions

Upper Intermediate:

  • caring classroom environment
  • physical fitness
  • nutrition and health
  • A healthy body, healthy weight
  • managing stress

Lower Junior:

  • caring classroom environment
  • reproductive system
  • drug education/resistance skills
  • Teens and Tobacco
  • Teens and Alcohol
  • Teens and Drugs
  • Teens and Peer Pressure

Upper Junior:

  • caring classroom environment
  • adolescent growth and development
  • First Aid and Safety/American Red Cross Certification
  • preventing abuse and violence
8th Grade Health Curriculum
6th Grade Health Curriculum
5th Grade Health Curriculum
4th Grade Health Curriculum