Primary through Junior Level Math

Armenian Sisters Academy utilizes the PA State Standards. In September 2012, we began using the Houghton Mifflin, GO MATH, a Common Core Standards program for grades kindergarten through six. Math class sizes are small and makes it easy to identify the strengths and weaknesses of students. This year we have begun Leveling in Math. At the beginning of each unit, pre-testing is available to use as a diagnostic tool. Based on these results, students are placed at the level they have not mastered. Once placed, students work at their own pace, with teacher assistance, explanation, and encouragement. End of unit tests are used to measure mastery.

Across the grade levels, instruction may include whole group, small group, or individual. As teachers employ differentiated instruction, students are referred to on-line programs listed in the text. Each classroom is equipped with a Smart board, access to the Computer Lab and a computer in the classroom to reinforce differentiated instruction.

Teachers also utilize enrichment or remediation as necessary. The small class size allows the teacher to identify students with special needs through observation and testing. Any child identified struggling; differentiated instruction is used to fit the needs of the child. A math specialist is provided by the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit to work with the students, grades one through five, needing additional help. Teachers are also available before school, during lunch, and occasionally after school for additional help.

Gifted students are offered enrichment with the curriculum and offered support to move through the courses at a quicker pace. In the middle and lower grades, the teachers incorporate math concepts into any topic including Social Studies and Language Arts. Problem solving requires reading and thinking skills. The math curriculum for each grade includes the previous grade, current grade, and the next grade course of study.

Students in all grade levels have the opportunity to foster their thinking skills and problem solving abilities. The younger grades use texts that are specific and inclusive to problem solving.

The strength of our Math program lies with the faculty: a group of experienced teachers who know the subject matter, care deeply about the students, and are invested in their students’ success.

Algebra 1 Curriculum
6th Grade Math Curriculum