Armenian Montessori Level Curriculum
Armenian 3rd Grade Curriculum
Armenian Intermediate Level Curriculum
Armenian Junior Level Curriculum

The Armenian studies curriculum is in continuous change depending on the students’ abilities, needs, and interests. Students’ interest and needs, at each level, are evaluated and assessed yearly. The teachers accordingly revise educational materials to meet the needs of the students to enhance their language and conversational skills.

Students are grouped according to their ability, exposure to Armenian language, experiences and proficiencies in the language. In the Montessori through third grade, students are placed into two groups: Armenian speaking families and non-Armenian speaking families. The expectations of the lower grades are quite different. Individual abilities and facilities for language are taken into consideration when evaluating students. By the fourth grade, students have received basic vocabulary skills and grammar skills to be on level. Each group is provided with instructional materials (writing exercises, vocabulary, conversation, projects) to progress and advance according to their readiness. Visual materials, CDs, listening exercises, and additional conversational practice are provided as needed. Children in the upper grades are afforded the opportunity to participate in projects at their comfort level. Projects include Cultural Day, Armenian Fair, Grandparents Day, and conversational opportunities with the teachers.

Music and art departments with volunteer dance instructors cooperate with the Armenian department in presenting programs through the year. The librarian, technology instructor, as well as the music and art teacher, work cooperatively with the Armenian teachers to enhance the language program. Language teachers at each grade level meet frequently to discuss student progress as well as to address the strengths and weaknesses of the program experienced at each level.

At the Montessori and Primary levels, children learn songs, the alphabet, identifying pictures with words and are able to speak simple sentences. At the upper levels, students learn grammar, writing skills, composition, and research topics in preparation for programs such as Cultural Week, Grandparents’ Day, Vartanantz Day, Commemoration of the Genocide, Armenian Fair, school wide end-of-year Hantes program, and participation in various contests and competitions which contribute to learning experiences.

Students are provided opportunities for public speaking, stage-performance, and able to express their pride in being Armenian. Non-Armenian students gain knowledge of a culture other than their own.