Montessori Uniform Policy



Starting this year, the Montessori uniform will be available at Flynn O’Hara located in the Lawrence Park shopping center in Broomall. 


Girls – Light blue jumper with embroidered emblem.

White or navy shirt (t-shirt, polo shirt, blouse, turtleneck all acceptable)

White or navy leggings, tights, knee socks, ankle socks are all acceptable

Shoe options:  Navy blue Mary Janes, Keds black and white saddle shoe (they are   available at Flynn O’Hara but you do not have to purchase them there)


Boys – Light blue polo shirt with embroidered emblem, short sleeves for summer, long     sleeves for the winter, Navy blue pants – winter, Navy blue shorts – summer

Shoe options: Black slip on Merrill, Keds black and white saddle shoe (they are available at Flynn O’Hara but you do not have to purchase there)


Those of you who already have existing Montessori uniforms may continue to use them this year.  Also, it is required that all Montessori students are to have elastic shoe laces on their saddle shoes.  They can be purchased either online or at your local sporting goods stores.

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